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Our founding attorney, Svetlana Couture, finds that legal matters often do not fit neatly into one practice area box. That is why our firm’s experience in the intersecting areas of family, real estate and elder law is so important for the effective and most expedient resolution of your legal issues. We evaluate your situation, establish a plan of action and guide you through the legal process. Whether you are dealing with complex asset division during a divorce or updating your estate plan after significant family events, our firm is skilled at providing comprehensive solutions.
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Our aim is to help you live the life that you planned for. Our elder and estate planning services make sure you have the documents you need to support and carry out your plans. When fiduciary duty breaches or any other form of fraudulent activity compromises seniors’ assets, we confront it. Couture Law Practice defends the best interests of elders and their families through civil litigation and the creation of estate plans that truly benefit elders and their families.

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Meet Our Attorney


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Our practice of real estate law is multifaceted and serves both businesses and individuals. We provide legal knowledge and counsel to ensure your real estate transaction goes smoothly. Couture Law Practice also provides civil litigation services that fight back against real estate fraud. Property owners look to our firm to promote their best interest in landlord/tenant issues.


What Our Clients Say

“My wife and I were cheated by our realtor and we lost title and equity in our family home during refinance. I was lucky to find attorney Svetlana Couture. She filed a civil case for us and helped with our settlement which included return of our property and the lost equity and getting damages for us. She also helped the police department and D.A. in prosecution of their case against the realtor and his co-conspirators. Thank you, Svetlana!”


“My abusive husband did not want to be fair during our divorce and was threatening during our custody battle. I hired Svetlana as my lawyer and she achieved the results I was hoping to achieve. I got full custody and full division of all property. When my ex tried to hide some assets from the Court, Svetlana was able to find them and prove that to the Court at trial. As result, I was entitled to a higher share of assets than expected. Great work, Svetlana!”


“My husband surprised me with a divorce and tried to kick me out of our family home. I was lucky to find Svetlana who proved to the Judge that my ex falsified documents and tried to defraud me as part of the divorce because he was fully aware that I did not speak good English and did not understand American legal system. Svetlana helped me get through the divorce, got me spousal support and my share of marital assets. I am very grateful and lucky”


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