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Focus on Conflict Resolution.

Covid-19 amplified the need for conflict resolution outside of the slow and sometimes ineffective court systems.  Courts are likely to remain backlogged and slow in resolving on-going matters that sometimes cannot wait for the availability of a judge. Couture Law employs worldwide standards for all forms of technology-assisted dispute resolution, including diagnosis, negotiation, mediation, arbitration and courts.

We embrace and uphold the high standards established by the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution in order to lower costs, stimulate innovation, protect consumers and citizens, and protect the right of free access to justice in response to the recent, rapid and widespread adoption of technology-supported systems for dispute resolution of family law, real estate and estate-related matters that would otherwise be lingering in court systems at high costs of time and money to everyone involved.  Please inquire as to how we can help you to expedite the resolution of your legal conflict today.

ICODR The International Council For Online Dispute Resolution Full Member