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Solution-Focused Family Law

Divorce is by its nature very emotional. When children are involved, the tension is even greater and the answers can be more elusive. With the right legal counsel, it is still possible to forge a better path forward.

At Couture Law Practice, we help couples and families identify issues and negotiate practical solutions. If you reach a true impasse, or the other party resorts to bad faith tactics, Svetlana Couture is a veteran litigator who will fiercely represent you in court. She combines a no-nonsense approach with 20-plus years of experience in California family law.

Complex Case Representation

We have experience resolving and litigating tough divorce and family law issues, such as:

  • Complex property division and asset tracing
  • Disputed valuations of businesses or real estate
  • Prenuptial agreement challenges
  • Parent relocation disputes and custody modifications
  • Contempt of court (unpaid support, interference with parental rights)

We will fight for you and your kids when the going gets tough. Svetlana works closely with you to establish your priorities and the optimal strategy whether your case gets settled or goes to court.

Positives Of Family Law Mediation

Svetlana Couture excels at divorce and custody mediation, even in high-conflict cases where the parties are no longer on speaking terms. She has experience as a neutral mediator in family law disputes. There are many reasons to consider mediation:

  • You create the solutions (instead of a judge).
  • It can be cheaper and quicker than litigation.
  • The courts are many months behind because of COVID-19.

Svetlana’s role is to keep you on track, clarify points of law and suggest possibilities. She recently completed training in virtual mediation and arbitration, enabling you to move forward even if it is not feasible to sit down face to face.

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