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Comprehensive Legal Advocacy For Elder Law And Estate Planning

Couture Law Practice‘s attorney, Svetlana Couture, is an experienced estate planning and elder law professional practicing law for over 20 years. Whether you are making plans for your estate, need legal assistance with administration duties or have an elder law dispute, our firm is here for you.

Skilled Legal Action Against Financial Exploitation

We have a passion for justice when people take advantage of the elderly.  Our extensive skill and experience in civil litigation related to fraudulent activity that targets seniors includes:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty – Embezzlement or self-dealing conduct by financial advisers, trustees, conservators, realtors, family members with power of attorney, or others who have authorized access to the elderly person’s financials.
  • Undue influence – Manipulation of a vulnerable senior by a family member or caregiver to create or alter estate planning documents (will, trust, power of attorney) to that person’s gain, such as leaving a big inheritance, transferring real estate or cutting others out of the will.
  • Misappropriation – Taking money or property from the estate without the elderly person’s knowledge or in violation of the person’s will.
  • Elder fraud – Investment scams, overcharging for services, excessive broker fees, unnecessary repairs, phishing or identity theft, etc.

Our firm aggressively pursues recovery of misappropriated assets or other relief such as restitution, in addition to petitioning the court to remove the fiduciary. We have prevailed in will contests (probate and estate litigation) by proving undue influence or lack of testamentary capacity.

Personalized Estate Planning And Elder Law

Svetlana Couture can help you get your affairs in order by drafting a will, durable powers of attorney, health care power of attorney and living will (advance directive). She also assists with elder law planning, using gifting, transfers and trusts to preserve family wealth and Medicaid eligibility for nursing home care. She will explain your options and customize these important documents to your goals and wishes.

Trusted Estate Administration Counsel

We provide legal counsel for all estate and probate administration matters. We can help if you were named executor in someone’s will or if you seek appointment as a personal representative in the absence of a will. Our legal team will walk you through the entire process, including probate proceedings, selling assets, paying creditors, distributing assets and reporting requirements.

Protect Today And Plan For The Future

You can count on solid advocacy from our experienced estate law attorney. We take cases throughout San Diego County. Call 858-800-3030 to arrange a consultation or contact us online.