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When you have a legal matter to address, you can turn to Couture Law for creative and proactive solutions. We get straight to the heart of the matter to resolve it efficiently and effectively. Our firm welcomes complex and high-conflict cases, and our clients appreciate the integrity and zeal we bring to problem-solving, negotiations and courtroom advocacy.

From our office in Carlsbad, we serve the coastal communities and all of San Diego County. Our primary focus is real estate, elder law, probate, family law and landlord-tenant law, with an emphasis on litigation and alternative dispute resolution. We take a 360-degree approach to each case, as we see more and more often that these legal issues overlap.

Founding attorney Svetlana Couture has practiced law in California for more than 20 years. A native of Russia, she speaks both Russian and Ukrainian fluently. With her background and sharp legal mind, Svetlana has a knack for adapting to the changing legal landscape. In response to the public safety concerns and court backlog caused by COVID-19, she has embraced virtual mediation as a powerful method for resolving many conflicts.

A Proven Track Record

From her first job as a court-appointed public defender, Svetlana Couture’s legal career has always been about helping people. She has resolved thousands of client matters through negotiation, conflict resolution and trial advocacy in the California courts. Svetlana is personally involved in every case, engaging associate attorneys and outside experts as necessary to develop and execute the best strategy. Our team emphasizes meticulous attention to detail and thorough preparation to put clients in position to prevail and protect their interests.

Our philosophy is to keep our clients informed and involved at every stage. We are proactive communicators and respond to your concerns with decisive action.

We Fight For Your Rights

Many of our clients are people who have been the victims of financial exploitation. We give those clients a voice in the legal system. Couture Law helps individuals, families and small businesses stand up to lenders, insurers, HOAs, real estate agencies and unscrupulous people who thought they could cheat or bully our clients. Ms. Couture is someone who can listen to your story and take up your cause.

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